Author: Anne Dryburgh

Providing Compassionate Care

Patient Compassion Twenty years ago, if I had been your biblical counselor, it would not have turned out well. At that time, I thought that if you just applied a Bible text, you would be fine. There was a little scope for you to adjust, but certainly not longer than a day. Not only would you be fine, but those around you would change as well, as a result of being conscience-stricken by your godly behavior, and your faith-filled prayers being answered. Oh what arrogance! Sadly, there have been a few occasions when I sensed this same tone in...

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Attacks on Belgium

Today Belgium saw the face of evil. At the time of writing this blog, about thirty innocent people had been reported slaughtered during terrorist attacks on the city of Brussels. Dozens more are injured. Bewilderment, shock, horror, uncertainty, fear, and confusion abound. People experience relief because of their loved ones who are safe. There have been demonstrations of human kindness, bravery and solidarity, all of which stand in stark contrast to the horror of the day.

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Life, purpose, and joy described the last three years of Marie’s new life in Christ. Four years ago she was reunited with her old school friend Christine, who had explained to her how the Lord had died for her sin, forgiven her, and given her new life. Marie had listened eagerly to her long-lost friend, as she could see that Christine had what she had been looking for all of her life. After months of long conversations, Marie understood the gospel, cried out to the Lord for forgiveness, and experienced a new life characterized by life, purpose, and joy. Five years previously, Marie had discovered that her boyfriend, Tom, had betrayed her. Not only was he looking at inappropriate things on the internet, but he also lied to her friends about her, and had stolen a lot of her money. Marie had trusted Tom with her heart and was devastated to discover that he had swindled her the whole time. Marie thought that her hurtful experience with Tom was in the past, but things started to resurface since she had started a relationship with Mark. Mark was a member of the church, preached regularly, and helped disciple new believers. Mark and Marie soon had a relationship and Marie was terrified. Could she ever trust another man again? What if he swindled and betrayed her as well? While there are...

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