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The Heart of Temptation

Matthew Henry explains the nature of temptation “The heart is carried from that which is good, and enticed to cleave to that which is evil. It is first by corrupt inclinations, or by lusting after and coveting some sensual or worldly thing, estranged from the life of God, and then by degrees fixed in a course of sin.”[1]

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Rescued to New Life

Rescued to New Life Last year I wrote about the death of my little dog, Dottie Jo, who had lived with our family for over a decade. My husband and I have been hesitant to get another dog for a lot of reasons but last weekend, after visiting shelters for several weeks, we finally brought home a new little companion from the SPCA. She had been one of many survivors from a hoarding situation in a nearby state, and made her way to our local shelter after being rescued from some pretty terrible conditions. I have never been one...

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We Have Been Given Freedom; Yet, We Long For Slavery

At times, the Hebrews longed to return to Egypt and their old lives there. As difficult as it is for us to understand there were times they longed to return to slavery. It seemed preferable to their journey of freedom! In a similar way, the vices of our pre-Christian life such as lying, stealing, fits of rage, drunkenness, pride, hatred, divisiveness will bring us into sinful bondage again if we do not reject them.

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