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We are passionate about the critical need for heart change in order to see true life change.

Welcome to Biblical Counseling for Women!

If you’re a long-time visitor, you’ll notice things look a bit different around here, and that’s right – Biblical Counseling for Women just got a whole new makeover! We are so excited to get this ministry page back up and running, with great expectations that it will bring encouragement and hope to each person who comes across the page. Here is a quick word from our founder, Dr. Julie Ganschow:

"Hello friends!

I am so excited for the re-launch of BC4Women! The blogs have a fresh, new face and the topics have been updated to meet the current needs and interests of our community. You’ll find new authors and old familiar ones whose writing you have grown to trust and appreciate. It is my pleasure to unveil the face of our ministry specifically to the women of God. I hope and pray you find help, healing, and hope here!”
– Julie

Everyone has problems from time to time, and sometimes we need a little bit of help to get through the rough spots.

That’s where Biblical Counseling comes in. Biblical Counseling is intensive discipleship. It is seeking deeply after God’s wisdom in His Word to find His solutions to life’s problems.

Here at Biblical Counseling for Women, we seek to encourage you, challenge you, and champion you on in this beautiful journey through our writing. Join us!

Check out our most recent blogs below!

Contemplating the Past

Your past can significantly benefit you because you can look back at your decisions and learn from them all.

When Sex Hurts: A Woman’s Guide to Banishing Sexual Pain

God created sex and declared it good. How do we know?

Bitterness Defiles Many

The truthful and straightforward answer is that it was stored up in my heart for all those years because I never dealt with it biblically. I had decided at the time to file away my thoughts, beliefs and feelings about his comments along with those exams, and when I reread my work and his comments, they have come back to defile many.

Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

David didn’t strengthen himself in his own power, but rather, in the Lord his God.

Living Christmas

We are to live sacrificially, and humbly, and glorify God as we serve one another.

Oh Come, Oh Come, Emanuel!

I am surrounded by all the busyness of Christmas. My tree is lit, the lights are in the windows, the cookies and candy are ready, the gifts are under the beautiful tree. All day long, people have been asking, "Well, are you ready for Christmas?" I have been answering,...

Our Inheritance In Christ

Part of our inheritance is that we are “in Christ” to begin with, that God has graciously placed us there in eternity past.

God’s Remedy for Emotional Pain

Pain is not something to fear or run from. Why? Because if we allow it, it will draw us closer to the most precious gift we have ever received, Christ.

The Revelations of My Heart

True freedom is not found in relief or release from circumstances! Freedom is found in serving, obeying, and worshiping Christ.

How Christ Views Us in Our Mess

God is rich in mercy and loved us with a great love while we were still dead in our sins.

Seeing My Heart

Are you willing to take a hard look at your own heart and ask the Lord to do a Marie Kondo-type work there? Would you examine your thoughts, beliefs, and desires for idolatry? If so, be ready for some discomfort and

He Is More Than Enough

Jesus is faithful, and He is enough to meet every need I have.

Facing Change

I can trust Him with my future, where I shall live, and whom I will minister to when I get there. He had seen the end from the beginning before time existed, and His ways are perfect. I will trust You, oh my God! Bless the Lord, oh my soul!”

Dealing With My Innocent Past

Identity and answers for the problems that plague the soul are found in Christ. If you are a Christian, you have a new identity, and to embrace it, you must begin to learn that what the Bible says is true about you.

Are You Self-Deceived?

Our hearts often tell us that we are better, smarter, more right, and more deserving than we really are. That pride, which seems to be fighting for our good, is actually harming us.

Are You Discontent Today?

Because of Christ, you can be content. It will not be easy to change the thoughts and intentions of your heart from self-gratification to God-glorification, but the Holy Spirit will help you.

Who Owns You?

Begin to live as though He owns you. It is a sweet kind of bondage.

The Weight of Dreams

When I began in ministry and began this blog, I had no experience in founding a corporation or directing a biblical counseling ministry. Although I was a young mom with the equivalent of an Associates's Degree in Bible, a few years of being the director of a women's...

Yet I Found Mercy …

I live every day with the knowledge that I found mercy for the sake of others. So, likewise, I found mercy for your sake, dear reader.

Preposterous Promise

God gently says, “Is anything impossible for the LORD?”