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We are passionate about the critical need for heart change in order to see true life change.

Welcome to Biblical Counseling for Women!

If you’re a long-time visitor, you’ll notice things look a bit different around here, and that’s right – Biblical Counseling for Women just got a whole new makeover! We are so excited to get this ministry page back up and running, with great expectations that it will bring encouragement and hope to each person who comes across the page. Here is a quick word from our founder, Dr. Julie Ganschow:

"Hello friends!

I am so excited for the re-launch of BC4Women! The blogs have a fresh, new face and the topics have been updated to meet the current needs and interests of our community. You’ll find new authors and old familiar ones whose writing you have grown to trust and appreciate. It is my pleasure to unveil the face of our ministry specifically to the women of God. I hope and pray you find help, healing, and hope here!”
– Julie

Everyone has problems from time to time, and sometimes we need a little bit of help to get through the rough spots.

That’s where Biblical Counseling comes in. Biblical Counseling is intensive discipleship. It is seeking deeply after God’s wisdom in His Word to find His solutions to life’s problems.

Here at Biblical Counseling for Women, we seek to encourage you, challenge you, and champion you on in this beautiful journey through our writing. Join us!

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The Power of Words

You already know the power of your words. Your speech impacts many other aspects of your life.

Biblical Communication

Our speech is a powerful tool for either good or bad.

The Face of Bitterness

The faces of bitterness comes from the heart. A woman with a bitter heart is in deep spiritual difficulty because her heart has ceased to be focused on God or His good working in her life.

The Seared Conscience

When discussing guilt, we have to address the issue of a person who knows they are doing wrong, but apparently feels no guilt for it. This is biblically known as having a seared conscience.

Book Review: Legal Issues in Biblical Counseling

As the director of a Biblical Counseling Center during a time in history amid a cultural revolution, I am faced with an ever-changing and complex legal landscape. Therefore, when I received this book, I dove into it excitedly.

The Practice of Self-Control

To be successful in the area of self-control, every aspect of our lives is to be governed by the Holy Spirit because being self-controlled is not a part of out normal make-up.

When God Doesn’t Give You What You Want

Do you really believe He plans all things for good, primarily to conform you to the image of His Son (Romans 8:28-29)? When that unrighteous anger starts to creep in, humble yourself, remembering that He is the potter and we are the clay (Isaiah 64:8).

Suffering Biblically

Suffering biblically looks like no longer denying that you are suffering.

Suffering & the Sovereignty of God

The suffering we endure is not as much about us as it is about Him and the glory He reveals through us as we suffer.

Suffering – A Result of Persecution

Suffering can often be a result of persecution for one’s faith, from the foreign nations to the inside of a home.

Suffering – A Result of Others

Christ Himself said that we will have trouble in this world, but we can take hope because He has overcome the world (John 16:33).

Suffering — A Result of Sin

God’s handling of us when we sin is instructive and intentional. The consequences we bear are intended to help us to grow and change.

How Do You Suffer?

Regardless of what the type of suffering is, it is important to understand that God is in charge of it.

Suffering Well

While it is not necessary for us to experience all kinds of suffering to minister to one another, God in His providence allows us to endure trials of many kinds so we can do just that.

Are You Wise in Your Own Eyes?

If we are His children, then as we read His Word, God will bring conviction to us and help us see it in our own lives.

A Heart of Selflessness

A desire to serve God is a manifestation of His grace in your life. We can not conjure up these desires in the flesh.

Learning to Lament

You can stop guarding your pain, hurt, or past, and you can give it to God, and by faith trust Him to work on your behalf.

Considering Guilt: True or False?

When a person feels guilty without cause, we say they may be suffering from what Scripture calls a weak conscience. This is triggered by something other than the Word of God.

A Biblical Understanding of Guilt

The reason we hurt each other and feel guilt is because we are sinners in need of a Savior. Our greatest fundamental need is to be saved first, and then to walk in a way that honors God — for that is love.

I’ve Had Enough, Lord

Christ is the confident expectation of the Christ follower because our hope is based on the finished work of Christ and the unfailing promises of God.