We are passionate about the critical need for heart change in a person who desires change in their life.

Everyone has problems from time to time,
and sometimes we need a little bit of help to get through the rough spots.
That’s where Biblical Counseling comes in. Biblical Counseling is really intensive discipleship;
we help you find God’s solutions to life’s problems.

Preposterous Promise

God gently says, “Is anything impossible for the LORD?”

Cookie Cutter Ending

During that dark time, God brought us many allies, many brothers and sisters in Christ, for which we remain ever thankful.

The Lord Knows

Every worry, every doubt, every mountain overcome.

Praying with Conviction

What Colors Our Prayers? I was reminded recently of my cousin who attended the local university where I grew up. He lived in an all men’s dorm at the time. There was one fellow who really wanted to be married. He started praying for a wife and as time passed felt...

A Plea To Read

“When suffering comes, we can be left with little, if any, foundation to stand on if we have not been careful to include regular times of reading and study of God’s word.”

Wolves Among Sheep

When the aim of the counselee changes from how I can feel better about my situation to one of a desire to grow and change to become Christ-like, wonderful things will happen.

To Be Like Enoch…

He walked close enough to God to walk into eternity.


Which brother are we like?

Cain, who proudly thought he was good enough to approach God on his own merits or,
Abel, who realized his great need and humbly brought the sacrifice that God required.

Faith in the Creator

Take comfort that His creation is all around us to remind us of who He is and what He is capable of. He has not left us here alone. He has a purpose and a plan.

Faith Crisis

We never doubted that we would spend a week at the lake. The minute my sisters and I got into the car with our suitcases we were already at the lake.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

…often, these “Christian” books written for women assist in feeding our flesh and promoting self-help.

Living in an Emotionally Abusive Marriage

Abuse is not a marriage issue, it is an issue of the heart between the abuser and God, as well as between the abused spouse and God.

Beware the Tongue — Communication on Fire

...the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life...

One Hit Wonder — The Impact of a Single Song

. . . he was drawing himself back to the gospel.

Reseda — Purposeful Fiction

  Today, we showcase an interview done with Ruth L. Froese, a pastor’s wife and biblical counselor, about her recently released book. Froese holds an M.A. in biblical counseling and is certified with the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC)....

The Art of Listening

Austrian pianist, Alfred Brendel, once noted that “The word 'listen' contains the same letters as the word 'silent'.” Listening is one of the most common areas of struggle in communication, and yet, it is also one of the essential habits of good communication! A Poor...

Why I Wrote Grief: Walking with Jesus

I’m excited to announce that on September 28, 2018, P & R Publishing will release my newest book (book 16): Why a Second Book on Grief? In a moment, I’ll answer the question, “Why did I write this book?” But first, a preliminary question: “Why a second book on...

Women in Biblical Counseling Series, Interview with Paula Higuchi

Today we interview Paula Higuchi.
Q: Paula, please tell us about yourself.
A: I serve as the director and counselor of the Biblical Counseling Center of Maui. I received my B.A. in Biblical Studies from The Master’s University, my M.A. in Biblical Counseling from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and got certified through ACBC in 2015.

I am born and raised in Hawaii, where Maui has been my home for most of my life. I have been a member at Kahului Baptist since I was ten years old. In 2016, our church launched a biblical counseling center where I have been honored to serve as the director and counselor. My hobbies and interests outside of ministry include enjoying the outdoors and different landscapes Maui has
to offer, spending time with my friends, playing tennis, drinking coffee, eating local food, and reading a good book.

Glorifying God in the Midst of Anxiety

Our temptation may be to hide our battle against anxiety from others out of fear of their judgment. But when we share with others what God is doing through it, we can actually bring encouragement to them. And this brings glory to God.

Women in Biblical Counseling Series, Interview with Kimberly Cummings

We trust that you will find this series informative and insightful. Many women have asked what opportunities might be open to them upon obtaining either a degree or certification in biblical counseling. As the biblical counseling movement expands, so do the opportunities for women to serve in a variety of ways as biblical counselors. Over the course of this series, you will hear from women who serve vocationally, as volunteers, in their churches, in a parachurch organization, in colleges, and a variety of other areas where they are serving around the globe.

Today we interview Kimberly Cummings, a Pastor’s Wife, and a Certified Biblical Counselor. She is also the co-founder of Women’s Hope Project where she writes and hosts the Women’s Hope Podcast.