What’s the cure for depression? Are you surprised that you ought not to only focus on the fruit of depression? (previous blog) What we learned last time is that it is not helpful to simply pull the bad fruit off the tree, because new bad fruit will soon grow in its place. The depression you may be experiencing is the result of the problem, not the problem itself. So how are we to deal with depression biblically? We must first determine the source of the feelings which are your beliefs, desires, and thoughts. The Bible says that the source to examine is your heart. An important “put on” is the change from everything being all about me to everything I think, believe and desire being about glorifying God. When I am suffering, I want to know what I am supposed to be doing while God has me in His schoolhouse of learning to suffer biblically. What I have learned through my own challenges with discouragement is not to deny you are suffering. People care, Christians care, and many with Godly wisdom want to offer encouragement and help. I have also learned it is important to seeking spiritual guidance and wise counsel from Christians wiser than I am. There are times I just cannot see the forest through the trees and getting a fresh perspective on my troubles can be very helpful. Many a time has someone been able to give me insight that I was just too close to the situation to see.
Those times when I have hovered near the edge of depression a loving Christian has pointed out that I was wallowing in self-pity or thinking only of myself instead of the Lord. Accept the humbling experience. God is sovereign, and He is allowing you to be in this place at this time. Humbling is not always because we are prideful in the sense we often understand it. Sometimes it is to prevent us from becoming wise in our own eyes. (2 Cor. 12:7) it is to remind us of Who owns us, and Who we are to serve lest we become overly self-important. Be transparent. This is one of my favorite character traits about a person, and one I am happy to say is often said about me. Being transparent means you allow others to know who you really are that you don’t hold back out of fear, or a desire to man-please. When I talk to someone, I want to know the truth of them, the core of them and what is really going on behind their eyes and in their heart. I despise the fake and plastic masks I see so many Christian women wearing! If you hide the work God is doing in your heart and life, how will anyone else learn? Here are some concrete things to implement in daily life:

  • Establish realistic goals and plans- don’t overwhelm yourself with a huge list. Try planning to do 3 things each day and only if you get those done should you add another. It helps to plan a concrete schedule so you have some parameters. There are plenty of tools for this on line, or in print.
  • Change your actions!
  • Get yourself busy no matter how you feel. Plan ahead to focus on something different than what “depresses me.”
  • Get yourself sweating physically and spiritually. Church, classes, Bible study, do some housework, or yard work Practice right treatment of your body through exercise, proper nutrition, watching your caffeine, sugar, and salt intake. Have regular sleep patterns!
  • Establish accountability. This is a very important piece of these equations! You must be willing to give someone the “ok” to speak into your life!

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