Well this has been a long road, some of it very unsavory. I have taken the last several posting to address sexual issues in marriage and it has led us down some difficult roads.

I want to finish this up today with this. If you struggle with sexual intimacy in your marriage please read this final posting on the subject.

If you have been abused, or participated in sexual immorality a difficulty that you may be facing is that the same actions may take place that will remind you of the past. Plainly speaking, the sex act comes down to some pretty basic things and the struggle is to fight through the thinking and begin to speak truth to yourself when old memories threaten to return. Memorizing Philippians 4:8 would be helpful and then making application to the thoughts you struggle with regarding sex and intimacy in marriage.

Philippians 4:8 (NASB)

8Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.

Truth: I am not damaged goods Truth: I do not have to live in bondage to my memories Truth: Sex and intimacy are not bad Truth: God created sex and it is good Truth: I am not responsible for being molested, assaulted, or raped

Honorable: Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled- Heb. 13:4 Honorable: Gracious women are to be honored – Prov. 11:16 Honorable: Giving preference to another – Rom 12:10 Honorable: I am to posses my body with honor- 1 Thess. 4:4 Honorable: Strength and honor are a trait of an excellent woman

Right/Righteousness: God’s precepts are right – Ps 19:8 Right/Righteousness: I am to speak righteous things- Prov. 8:6 Right/Righteousness: Speaking truth is right – Prov 12:17 Right/Righteousness: God vindicates the righteous Ps 7:8, 9b Right/Righteousness: God rewards me according to righteousness – Ps 18:20

Purity: The Lord’s Words are pure- Ps 12:6 Purity: I am not impure for having sexual desires Purity: The desire I have for my husband is pure Purity: I am to be sensible and pure- Titus 2:5 Purity: Sex with my husband is pure and good and God blesses it. Purity: I am to be an example in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity of those who believe. Purity: Being molested or assaulted does not make me impure.

Lovely: meditate on any attribute of Jesus Lovely: In Song of Solomon, the lovers are referred to as being pure, even in their physical desire for one another Lovely: God views intimacy in marriage as a lovely thing

Good report: My husband appreciates when I tell him he pleases me sexually. Good report: My husband wants to know I desire him Good report: My husband wants me to tell him what pleases me Good report: It is good for me to tell him I had a good time

This is not complete, but at least it is a place to start renewing your mind.

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