We sit here, you and I.

You are sitting right here next to me and you have so much to say!
I want to know, yet I don’t want to listen to you right now.
I want to complete my agenda, take my ease, lose myself in the news or a movie.

You have something so important to say to me and I know it!
Why don’t I want to listen?

Don’t I love you anymore?
Aren’t you important to me anymore?

Am I afraid of what you will say?
Selfishly thinking you will want something from me that will disturb my plans…

You used to mean the world to me.
I longed to spend time with you, I could not get enough of you!
I was so hungry for you- all of you.

When I was with you you filled my entire being.
When I was not able to give you my full attention my heart longed to be with you.
I longed to hear your voice,
To be intimately united with you.
I was obsessed with you!
My happiness and contentment were entirely wrapped up in your every word.

I know you miss our time together
You miss how my eyes lit up when we sat down together over a cup of tea.
You miss how I hung on every word you said,
and you are hurt how the words of so many novels mean more than yours.


These are not the words of a woman to her lover, they are the plaintive wail of someone speaking to God a prayer of confession and repentance. She is speaking to God about no longer spending time with Him through His Word, of being led away by foolish things that became more important to her than Him.

Does this prick your heart today? Does it appeal to your conscience?
It does mine as I am as prone as anyone to be distracted and to stop spending time with my first love.

When we stop spending time with our flesh and blood lovers the relationship falters and we begin to see a gulf grow between us. If this is true in a relationship where we have a physical presence that we can touch and see, and how much more true will it be in our relationship with Christ where we do not!

He calls us daily, “Come back to me, my love”
Return, return and have your fill of Him!