I have been reading a book about the Book of Hosea. I cannot tell you the emotions it evokes within me.

Hosea is the story of a man who God tells to marry a prostitute. He obeys, and despite the love she is shown she runs off, resumes the life, and has children with other men. Hosea always redeems her and brings her home.

Gomer is an unfaithful harlot. She has many loves and lovers and is not worthy of the man who loves her.

The story is intended in its context to reflect the relationship between God and Israel, but it has application to me as well. I am not a harlot running from my husband, but I often find myself lusting after things other than God. I am not worthy of the One who loves me…

My heart is so fickle and so flighty! One day I want Him, other days I want everything else! One day I am willing to throw all the world and its pleasures away and never look back, and the next I am thinking about pleasures of this world and all that it offers me.

I have to become single minded- focused on on Him and only Him. He has to be my first love, the One I would sacrifice it all to serve. He must have my undying allegiance!

This process is long and hard, and is intended to last this lifetime…One day I will be set free from these desires and all will ever long for is Him.