The most common reaction to economic hard times is fear. When a job is lost our thoughts immediately go to the questions of how we will provide for our family. We fear the loss of health insurance and wonder how we will make the mortgage and put food on the table.

There are no human words that can calm the heart of the newly unemployed. People mean to help, they give kind words and wonderful platitudes. We are prayed for and upheld by our fellow Christians but honestly this is a very lonely place to be.

“…we are pretty much broke. All the savings is just about gone, the unemployment is not much, and between the two of us and our jobs and the UC we aren’t going to make it – unless God intervenes. I have a loan payment that was due on the 1st, and I don’t have enough money to make that. I am just about out of food, and it is a choice between food and bills right now- unless God intervenes.

We are out of pellets to heat the house as of right now, the last bag went into the hopper- unless God intervenes. One of the dogs should see the vet about a raw patch of skin under his neck, but when I can’t provide for humans, how can I provide for pets? Unless God intervenes

We thought the furnace was dead this morning, it was 55 in the house and there was no electricity going to it or anything. Turned out that due to Lar’s superior skills it was just a simple deal and the furnace wasn’t dead – God intervened.”

“Oh Lord, will we make it? I look around at this home of ours and I wonder if we will make it through this time. I just don’t see how Lord. The need far outstrips the provision. I have no options left, no resources. Bills are due and I have not enough money to pay them. What do I do? You are faithful, You are Good. You are completely aware of all of this. Oh Lord, tell us what to do.

If I pay a bill there is no money for food. If I don’t pay a bill the bill gets doubled. We need food. If I don’t make this payment, I will have a late fee at the bank.

Oh God I just don’t know what to do. Help me. I have been just getting enough for a mean at a time as I have the funds, but now that is going to be over too. This is so humbling. I have tried to keep my focus on You. I have been trusting You. I knew it was going to be bad, and it was going to get worse. I think we are almost there. We are almost at bottom. I have now got zeero money for taxes which are due on the 31st. I have it to pay that loan payment that i have to pay today. My life insurance will expire on the 19th. I now need a huge pile of money for just this months bills. I don’t have any of it. I am so sad. Just so very very sad. This is not how I wanted life to be. I want to scream it is not my fault!! I want (job name) to see what they did to us. i just want to cry. I am sitting in a silent scream pretending all is normal. Inside I am screaming and crying. Inside a tomb of fear and misery. what next?”

I would encourage you to return to the Word, despite how much you may not want to. So many times I reminded myself that God is aware or these circumstances. I reminded myself by looking in His Word and finding verses and passages that spoke to His omniscience.

I also reminded myself that God has a plan. Jeremiah 29:11 tells an unfaithful Israel that in spite of their sin that God has a plan. If God so loved them even in the midst of their sinful ways, that He reassured them of their future, what will He do for His Beloved?

The most difficult aspect for me was (and still is) to accept that God is in charge. Reading and re-reading those verses that remind me of who He is, and who I am were (and are) so important. I tend to want to tell God how to order the universe and when things don’t go according to my schedule or my plan I get angry and frustrated.

You will see God increase your faith during these days…He WILL show Himself to be faithful and worthy of your trust and faith. Continue to cry out to him as the good God He is and believe He will provide your true needs.