Are there are times when discouragement just gets the best of you? I certainly have those times. When it seems that things will never change, and things will never be right. At times we can do our best and it will not be enough, no matter how hard we try. Times when I ask myself why it is this way, and why it seems sometimes like the enemy of my soul wins in the game of life.

These are times when I am already overwhelmed and not feeling well. When things are out of my control and the things I have before me seem too great for me to handle.

I know I am vulnerable to be overtaken by these “all is lost” thoughts. Times when no matter how much I do, I can look around and see how much has yet to be done. Times when the best laid plans are thrown aside because of something out of our control. These are so frustrating to me because I don’t think I ask for that much. (When I know I deserve nothing!)
Often these valleys come on the heels of great things for God; when a lesson has been well taught, or a person I am meeting with is making great strides and I am riding high on the emotions of these wonderful experiences. I hate the crash and burn times. The sensation is as though I am being flung into a pit.
That is where my thoughts are today. I am facing a mountain of things to move and all I have is a teaspoon. It seems I have been working so hard for so long and that I have little to show for it. (Sounds like a healthy dose of self-pity)
Remembering that God is sovereign is always a key to pulling out of these things. It is another aspect of preaching truth to myself constantly. When God is at work (as He always is) the wheels can grind slowly from our perspective because He is working on many fronts. Not only on the circumstances, but also on our heart and thoughts and belief systems. We may never know what goes into any given change or new direction, but God does and His desire is that we are faithful to trust that He is in control of every last detail. He knows the number of hairs on our heads and the life and death of each creature He put on this earth from greatest to smallest. Surely, our trials and difficulties and circumstances are not beyond Him!
After the Valley of Discouragement comes the climb to the peak. This is often arduous and fraught with obstacles and difficulties. However, once we reach the top of whatever mountain we are climbing, the view of Christ is breathtaking for we see Him in His glory and majesty. We see His goodness and faithfulness and His righteousness toward us.

Keep climbing fellow sojourner all this is but temporary!