Those of you that follow the blog regularly will note that this is a little different than what you usually find I post. That is intentional for today is an important day in our home, but more about that in a minute.

You may know that I re-posted last week because my sweet husband and I spent all last week at a Biblical Counseling Conference. It was the first time in several years we were able to attend and I was in pretty serious need of being recharged. It has been a long slog and I confess I could not wait to get there.

I was so looking forward to gaining some new insights and continuing to learn how I could minister the Word of God to those He sends to our counseling center.

I came away with a renewed understanding- the best counselor is a good counselee. I have always believed that I must make application to my own heart and life first, allowing the Lord to prick my heart and begin His gentle surgical process as sin is revealed, idols are uncovered, and the Light shines in the dark places of my soul that I wish to keep hidden.

The many personal lessons I learned over the week have been  humbling. There is nothing quite like personal application of hard truths to remind me that I am not independent nor should I wish to be. My strength to live each day and my ability to serve others comes only from my unity with my Lord and Savior, Jesus.  It is simply foolish to attempt to go about my daily life without submitting to His Lordship that is ruling over it. I am nothing but a beggar at the table of His grace and mercy, and that is the uttermost thought in my mind this morning.

My life has taken a huge turn with the dawn, and I am going to be so bold as to ask you to pray for me as I return to the ministry that holds my heart: that of being a wife and mother.  My ministry to you and to others that I counsel must always remain behind those two important callings from God, I can never forget that.

God has been incredibly gracious to me in giving me this opportunity to return to being a Titus 2 woman and I intend to make the most of every minute. This is not the easy path and I know that full well. It is the path of sacrifice and hardship and “doing without.”

God’s sovereignty is and will continue to be on display in my life on a moment by moment basis. I trust that He will help me to remember that God is aware, God has a plan, and God is in charge in all circumstances that come my way.

May my life be used for His honor and glory.