Today’s guest blogger is Emily Duffey. Emily is on staff at Reigning Grace Counseling Center. She brings the single woman’s perspective to the blog. 

As a single woman, I have struggled with thinking that if I give up my desire for marriage, I am giving up the actual reality that I may marry some day (as though I am somehow in control of my future by clinging to this desire so tightly!). My thoughts in this matter revealed that I believed if I surrendered this to the Lord I Would condemn’ myself to a life of singleness, and that is a pill I didn’t want to swallow! 
There is a thought or belief that if you give up your deepest heart’s desire of marriage you will be ‘stuck’ single forever, and that can be terrifying in the heart of a single who desires that companionship and friendship so greatly. If that is what you want more than anything on this earth, though, what have you created? Idolatry runs deep in the heart of the woman who desires a husband to meet her needs. Some women, when they do marry, become angry and resentful when their husband’s do not meet those needs. Too much emphasis is placed upon a spouse to meet emotional and physical needs–we are to cling to CHRIST! Only He can meet those deepest longings of the soul. Remember… “Though my heart and my flesh may fail”… CHRIST is your portion forever and ever! Living the single life at times is to live a life of suffering… It is a unique to the single suffering, but it is where Christ shines so brightly. Only HE can meet your deepest needs (if married or not).
I was walking with a friend along a mountain yesterday (oh, how I love saying that… “Walking along a mountain”), and we were chatting about the Lord’s beautiful creation… Regardless of what man tries to reproduce, nothing equals God’s work of a mere flower. We can’t do what He did. “Look at the lilies of the field…” 
Those surroundings are such a magnificent display of the GREATNESS and grandeur and majesty of our Lord… It reaches the very soul. The mountains remind me how small I am… but compared to the Lord, the mountains are insignificant and small. That blows my mind! 
It touches a place within my soul that only God can go… Reserved for Him and Him alone. I observe my married friends and see how much they love each other, but this… This is even a place within a woman’s soul that her husband cannot touch or go to. It is the place where God works… Where He is praised… Where He dwells… And that, my friend, is where my heart longs to dwell. Do you desire Him more than riches or silver? More than gold? …more than a husband? More than life itself? It is a glimpse of the holy… The holy of holies, where no corruption or evil dwells… But Christ shines all the brighter… What beauty lies there…