Today’s guest blogger is Karen Pickering. Karen is a Biblical
Counselor and founder of The Lytroo Retreat. Lytroo Retreat was
created to minister to women who have been sexually abused.  It is an
opportunity to shift your focus from your painful past to a hope filled future.
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How many times I have prayed, “God, just show me the plan.”  It would be so much easier if I just knew the plan.  He hears my cry and, instead, graciously shows me just what I need for today.
There have been times in my life when I lived not day to day, but hour by hour.  As I cried out, “it is too much!”  I could hear Him whisper.  Can you get through this hour?  And with His presence I could; hour by hour, minute by minute.
Jesus had the clear insight we sometimes long for.  He knew exactly who He was and why He had come.  There was no blissful ignorance.  He had come to die.  He knew the plan and step by step followed it through.  His love for His Father and His love for us kept Him on the horrendous path to Calvary.
He had more than twelve legions of angels at His disposal (Mat. 26:53) and yet out of love He chose to move forward step by step.
Jesus was calm as the swarming mob, sent by the chief priests and elders, arrested Him.  He silently listened to the false witnesses.  He endured the religious group spitting in His face, beating Him with their fists, slapping and making fun of Him.  (Mat. 26:47, 59-63, 67-68)
When morning finally arrived they bound and took Him to Pilate.  There He was questioned again.  Jesus remained silent as He was accused by the religious elite.  (Mat. 27:1-2, 12-14)
He watched as Barabbas, a notorious prisoner, was chosen over him to be set free and escape death.  (Mat. 27:15-26)
He was scourged.  He was stripped naked by soldiers.  Those same soldiers cruelly mocked him with a scarlet robe around his shoulders, a crown of thorns on His head and placed a staff made of reeds in his right hand.  (Mat. 27:26-29)
You know the rest of the story.  It only gets worse.  He knew each step.  He knew the plan and yet He moved forward.
Would we be able to move forward if we knew what was ahead?  As I look back at the difficulties our family has endured I think it was God’s grace that showed me each step as I came to it.  I cry out to God for more information, but God in His love and mercy shows me a step at a time.  He gives me grace for each day, knowing I am too frail to follow a master plan if He would lay it out.
So I continue to learn to trust Him with today and all my tomorrows.  The way may be uncertain and frightful, but He has promised to be with me.  What more could I want?

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