Many of us struggle with our identity and define ourselves more by what we do than who we are. We say we are are Mothers, Doctors, Teachers, Secretaries, and /or Wives. We also think of ourselves as people who don’t measure up, women who fall short, incapable, incompetent, or just plain failures. We are content to listen to the toxic messages we hear and we believe what the world tells us we should be.

We have so much going against us from the world, but we are more than glad to add to the pile of self-condemnation from within. Besides being prompted by life’s disappointments and rejections, we think and believe lies about ourselves that often arise from unmet expectations we have for ourselves. We make unrealistic demands on ourselves that feed our failures. I still can’t get the June Cleaver image out of my mind as the kind of wife and godly mother I should be. There are times I am overwhelmed with the reality of my life and how imperfect I am.

To combat these lies we must learn to view ourselves through the lens of Scripture. We must learn what is true about us according to the unchangeable standard of God’s Word. There are numerous lists of Bible verses you can access by typing, “Who Am I? Scripture” into your browser. These lists are a short-cut to help you fight the battle of thinking negatively about yourself. Now before you get twitchy, I am not suggesting you prop up your self-esteem or artificially inflate your sense of self. I am recommending that if you don’t know who you are in Christ that you learn those truths.

Knowing such truths will help you to think biblically about yourself. God uses Truth to break down the cycle of destructive thinking that leads us to discouragement, despair, doubt, and feelings of depression. Even in the midst of pain, hurt and disappointment in life we experience God provides us with comfort, healing, and hope with the Holy Spirit call us to remember the greater reality of God’s love, power, and redemption.

The Who Am I Scriptures tell us who we are in Christ and when we focus on the things that are true and real (Philippians 4:8) we will experience joy and hope from the Lord as His Spirit uses the Word to encourage us and to enable us to live life for Him.

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