Do not fret because of evil that has been done to you, don’t bother with those who do evil. Don’t waste your time
thinking about them, wondering about them, or meditating on their evil deeds. For they will soon be dead. They will be cut off like grass,
they will wither like plants starved for sunlight, and water in fall.  
Trust in the Lord instead of focusing on them or plotting
your revenge, or fueling your hatred. Do good instead of that; honor God in your heart, honor Him
with your lips, and your body and thoughts.
Rest in Christ, rest….dwell with God. Rest as though God
were already handling your problem person. You are not living among that evil, and
you are not to practice that kind of evil not even in your heart. You are
sitting in the heavenlies above all of this. What you are experiencing is
temporary. God is faithful to you. He won’t allow anything to befall you that
He will leave uncompensated. FEED on His faithfulness…remind yourself
continually that He IS Faithful! Faithfulness is His character. Also, delight yourself in Him. Make it about Him, not anyone
else. Find your joy in the confidence that you have in God and His faithfulness
to you. He is faithful to give you the desires of your heart when they are in
line with His own for you, and bitter hatred is not among those desires. Envy
and murder and jealousy are not among those desires for you. Fear and worry are
not among those desires for you.
Commit to following the path God has laid out for you, you
can trust Him, He is good and faithful. You don’t have to be afraid that He
will lead you toward sin or corruption. He will lead you in paths of
righteousness. If you find yourself wandering in the direction of wickedness,
you must turn away- quickly! When you commit to following God and doing things
His way by faith- even though you don’t see things clearly or have all the
answers- He will bring your righteousness forth as certainly as He brings up
the sun every day. You will have justice, you will see God bring about justice
in your cause.
This is why you must rest…wait…be patient…don’t fight or try
to hurry God along. Even if it looks like the enemy is prospering or getting
away with it, continue to rest. Even if it looks like your enemy is gaining victory
over you or that he has done so, continue to be at rest in and with God.
Don’t be angry at your enemy’s apparent or even at his real
victories over you in the present; forsake or repent from wrath toward him. Don’t
worry or be anxious when you think you are losing or are done in, it only
causes harm. It harms you in numerous ways. You are physically harmed by the stress,
you are emotionally harmed as you experience all the destructive feelings that
accompany feeling victimized, and you are spiritually harmed as you sin in your
own anger, plot revenge, hate, and murder in your heart. It destroys you
Remember, these evil people will be cut off, they will be
utterly destroyed. There will be nothing left of them or their schemes against
you. And you, you will see that because you continued on in your faith and
trust that your eternal blessings will far outweigh the sufferings you endured
at the hands of the evildoers. Because
you trusted in God- despite how it looked, how you felt, or the advice of your
friends; because you remained steadfast in your faith in God you will inherit
the earth. You will be richly, abundantly blessed.
You will have to wait for this though…it may seem like a
long time until justice is done but rest assured, in God’s eyes and His
timetable it is just a little while. It is a little while when you look at all
of eternity for sure. But one day, you will look for that evil one and he will
be gone. God will have exacted perfect justice for their evilness.

And you, you will inherit every good, wonderful and glorious
thing! You will have no need to be concerned about evil being done against you anymore.
You will live with an abundance of peace.  ~Psalm 37:1-11