Imagine that you are feeling desperate.  You feel hopeless and joyless.  You’ve tried lots of things to solve your problem, but nothing is working, and the desperate feeling is getting worse. Then, someone tells you about something that helped them so much that it literally changed their life. They learned things they’d never understood before about God and their problems and were shown ways to apply this knowledge in almost any situation, for the rest of their lives! They can’t praise it enough, and they are urging you to try it. So you agree. You call the phone number, breathlessly hopeful. A real human picks up the phone and you think, “This is it—I’m finally going to get the help I’ve needed so badly!”  You tell the person what you are looking for and wait anxiously for the response. But what you hear is not what you’d hoped:  “I’m sorry. Right now, there’s no one available to help you…but we can put you on our waiting list.”

Now, I don’t know what kinds of thoughts “we’ll put you on our waiting list” bring to your mind, but for me, that means that whatever I’m waiting for is probably not going to happen any time soon. When this is the case with a person who is desperately seeking biblical counseling, it can be devastating. Sadly, it happens all the time in biblical counseling ministries around the country. There simply are not enough qualified, trained biblical counselors to meet the need. Each counselor (many of whom are volunteers with full- or part-time jobs outside the counseling center), can see only so many people each week. When caseloads are full, desperate people have to wait.

Maybe you’ve been reading this blog for a long time and have benefited from the things you’ve learned here. You can probably recall conversations when you were able to bring some of what you’ve learned to mind, to help or disciple another believer. Just think how many more such opportunities you would have if you were fulfilling the role of a counselor!

Maybe you’ve considered becoming certified, but there is no training center in your area, or you can’t attend a weekly class. Well, now there is another option for you. Reigning Grace Counseling Center is now offering their complete Track Training Program online! RGCC is certified by ACBC, IABC, and AABC  to train biblical counselors for certification with each of these agencies. This program is done 100% online, at your own pace, and according to your schedule. All that is required to get started is a simple application. Once it’s approved, you purchase your first track and begin!

The program consists of lecture and case study videos, and counseling and theology reading assignments. There are eight Tracks, consisting of six lessons each. When you have completed all eight tracks, you will be eligible to take the Counseling and Theology Exams of the certifying organization you have chosen.

The Reigning Grace program will thoroughly equip you to help and encourage people in all kinds of troubles. You will gain skill in applying Scripture to real life, offering hope and help to those who are suffering from mental, emotional, and spiritual pain of all kinds. God’s Word has real answers for life’s problems, and this training program will equip you to find and apply those answers.

Many believers today have been swayed by the world’s counsel to seek help for these struggles in medications, talk therapy, and “positive thinking.” For most of them, these things have failed miserably, and that’s when they call us. Biblical counseling is often the last resort for those who call our counseling center. Our prayer is that one day, there would be enough well-trained, competent counselors to meet the needs of each community.

If you’d like more information, go to our online training site at Here, you can see all of the topics that are covered, and watch a video of our instructors giving an overview of the course. If you still have questions, email me at, or call me at 816-673-6360. I will be happy to offer any additional information you need.

My plea to you today, if you have any thought or desire to become a biblical counselor, is just to pray about it. If the Lord is calling you to do it, He will make that clear. If He calls, answer. Your “yes” could be the beginning of the end of the waiting list!

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