When I was in my undergraduate program I had to take a course on The Biblical Foundations for American Law. I have always loved history and this course only fed my desire for knowledge of such things.

Tomorrow is the day we as Americans will cast our votes for President of the United States. It has been a long and torturous election cycle, full of scandal and disgusting attacks on the candidates in every political party. It has been a race to the bottom that reminded me of things I learned long ago, when American history was taught accurately in school.

Historically Liberty & Justice

It is clear that the Founding Fathers never intended for American government to function as it does currently. Their vision was for government oversight, not government intrusion into so many areas of life. The framers of this once-great nation intended for faith in God to be an integral part of how we function. The national conscience was to be governed by biblical principles and guided by men whose lives were lived for the glory of God, not power for personal gain or status. Public servants were held to exceptionally high standards and those standards were based on the Bible. The Founding Fathers knew the penchant of the human heart was self-focused and that the power that comes with elected office could easily lead to corruption. For this reason, they urged that all those in service to the nation be men of faith and be held accountable for their actions. Freedom without accountability quickly becomes tyranny.

Currently Under Attack

Our current political climate is hostile to faith in one God, especially the God of the Bible! Our political leaders now embrace and encourage faith in anything but God. Our National Motto, “In God We Trust,” is in danger of being removed from our money because it is considered to be hostile to atheists, neo-pagans, Hindus, Wiccans, and other non-believers. Thus far, attempts to remove or change it have been unsuccessful, but for how long will we prevail? In this age of “enlightenment,” the citizenry of the United States largely denies there is a divine authority to which we must give an account. It appears there are powers at play that would like to entirely remove God from the public square.

The Ten Commandments used to be venerated in our culture. We were unique as a nation because we were founded on and professed a firm faith in God. Every State’s Constitution cites a belief in and offers thanksgiving to God in their Preamble (with the exception of Virginia that mentions them in their Bill of Rights). Additionally, these Constitutions ask for help and guidance from the Divine Deity in governing their respective States. Every President has been sworn in with his hand on the Holy Bible, public oath of office ends with “So help me God,” and many National Landmarks such as the Supreme Court building have Moses and the Ten Commandments engraved in their marble structures. This was no mistake!

Presently, Judeo-Christian faith is under attack in America. Every religion is more tolerated than the Christian faith. The Ten Commandments monuments on public property have been legally challenged in a number of states. Satanists in Michigan have created a monument that they intend to use to get the Ten Commandments removed by insisting that their monument should also be publicly displayed alongside. There are entire cities that are under Sharia Law and not American law. There is very little outrage to this challenge.

Honestly, my heart is filled with sorrow as I can see how far our nation has fallen from what was intended to be our course. I can only rely on what I know: This world is not our home, and while America has been a blessed nation in the past, I do not believe God will tolerate and continue to bless the USA any longer. I believe we have entered a time of judgment and God may allow us to be stripped of all our liberties as a result of denying Him. I continue to pray for mercy for our nation.

The second part of this blog will be published on Wednesday. Stay tuned, and if you haven’t voted yet, get out there and cast your ballot!