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How Do I Know Repentance is Real?

When the Christian sins and experiences conviction for his sin he must cut off, put off, radically amputate that sin from his life and confess his sin to God and those who have been affected by his sin. He will be wiser still if he enlists help to assist him in his endeavors to be righteous and holy. How do you know repentance is real? When you see the person putting to death the deeds of the flesh and living more and more in righteousness.

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True Repentance

This is the second in the series on what to do with sin.  The first post was True Confessions and can be found by clicking the link.  Today we will take a look at what true repentance is. I now rejoice, not that you...

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There are many questions regarding repentance and how to know when a person has truly repented of sin.  Knowing this is crucial in helping a person who has been sinned against to begin to trust again and have any faith that...

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