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Welcome to Biblical Counseling for Women!

Julie Ganschow, Ph.D., is the founder and Director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center, an ACBC and IABC Certified Training Center, and Biblical Counseling for Women. She has been writing the BC4Women blog on counseling issues women face since 2008. In January 2016 the blog expanded to include other women’s voices from the Biblical Counseling community.

Most of our blog contributors have extensive training in Biblical Counseling. We know many women are searching for the key to real and lasting change in their lives. They are tired of the self-help approach which is nothing more than rearranging the flesh. They want to escape the cycle of habitual sin that enslaves them. They want something that will work. They want to live the victorious life they hear about on Sunday mornings but cannot seem to make a part of their daily reality.

We hope we can help you see that you no longer need to live as though you are still in bondage to sin. You are victorious in Christ and He has already set you free. That truth is not found in any self-help book, or in being better or trying harder, it is found through changes in the inner man, the immaterial part of you that the Bible refers to as the heart.


You will find our hearts here, in progress. We make no claims that we have “arrived,” but we will post our thoughts, reflections, and experiences in hope that you can be encouraged and challenged to pursue the Lord more deeply in your day to day life.


Spend some time reading the blog, and leave a comment if you like. Just please note that we reserve the right to use your comments (without your name of course) in any future posting or material for publication. Don’t forget to visit the Reigning Grace Counseling Center website, www.rgcconline.org, as well as those listed in the bios for our contributors! We trust you will be blessed.

We love our readers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact form below to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

Call our Reigning Grace Counseling Center office at (816) 694-1677 if you would like more information about Biblical Counseling or training in Biblical Counseling and Discipleship.

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