Our post today was written by one of our regular guest writers, Anne Dryburgh. Anne was born in Glasgow, Scotland and has been a missionary in Dutch-speaking Belgium since 1991.

Today Belgium saw the face of evil. At the time of writing this blog, about thirty innocent people are reported slaughtered during terrorist attacks on the city of Brussels. Dozens more are injured. Bewilderment, shock, horror, uncertainty, fear, and confusion abound. People experience relief because of their loved ones who are safe. There have been demonstrations of human kindness, bravery and solidarity, all of which stand in stark contrast to the horror of the day.

Questions Coming From Fear

Questions are being asked by many in Belgium. What will happen next? Will I or my loved ones be safe? What could happen to me? Should I stay away from that place just in case anything happens? These questions express the fear in people’s hearts.

God’s People Have Always Faced Fearful Situations

Throughout the Bible we read about God’s people being faced with fearful situations. Moses told the Israelites not to fear the Egyptians because the Lord was with them and would fight for them (Exodus 14:13, 14). Joshua was not to be frightened of entering the Promised Land because the Lord was with him (Joshua 1:9). Caleb encouraged his fellow countrymen not to fear the people of the land because their protection was removed and the Lord was with Israel (Numbers 14:9). Jesus compassionately encouraged his “little flock” not to fear because the Lord would provide for them.

Fear is a response that we all experience, especially when there is a threat of harm or death at the hands of others. Graciously, the Lord promises us his presence when we are inclined to fear.

What Happens If We Give In To Fear?

If fear takes hold of our minds, we will become paralyzed. Peter, when writing to the frightened persecuted church urged them to set their hope fully on the future grace that would be brought at the revelation of Jesus Christ. To live in this hope, and not to be paralyzed by fear, they were to prepare their minds for action and to be sober-minded (1 Peter 1:13).

The Answer To Fear After The Attacks On Belgium

By focusing our minds, hearts, and thoughts on the Lord; the reality that he is with us; his promises to us, and his future return, we can live in hope in times of anxiety and distress.