Author: Anne Dryburgh

True to Self or True to Christ?

Instead of being “herself” Louise repented of sinfully responding to how others treated her. She confessed to the Lord her sinful anger, pride, fear of man, resentfulness, cynicism, and bitterness. In addition to this, understanding that she is to put on what is of Christ, she decided to pursue Him and His purpose for her life. Up until now, she would make choices based on how she believed that others would respond to her. Louise decided to make her decisions first on what honors the Lord and to think and relate to others accordingly.

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A Care-Full Summer

Summer is a time when many church activities come to a halt. Vital year-long times of fellowship such as mid-week Bible studies or Sunday evening services might stop because of fewer people being able to attend and the difficulty of finding people to lead. For many families, this can be a welcome time to focus on each other and to relax during a family vacation. Summer Isolation For others, the summer break can be excruciatingly lonely. The vital times of fellowship cease and this is keenly felt. One young woman I know lived in a home where her parents actively persecuted...

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Is a Global Perspective Beneficial?

This global perspective is something that we read about throughout Scripture. Abraham was to be a blessing to the nations, as was his people Israel who descended from him. In Matthew 28, the disciples are commissioned to go and make disciples of all nations. In the last book of the Bible, in Revelation 7, we read that there will be a great multitude from every nation standing before the throne and before the Lamb.

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