Author: Amy Redden

My Wretchedness and the Love of God

Imagine a god who would send his son to die for nothing. That god would be a sick and terrible god. Thank God that that is not the God we serve! God saw our wretchedness and he saw how evil we are and He still loved us. Our sin is not a small thing. It is what separates us from God forever. The Bible says that liars will not see the kingdom of Heaven. That’s not just people who are racist, sexually immoral, or murderers, but liars. We all have lied. An essential part of being saved is understanding just how sinful we are. We have to know and understand how sinful we are and that there is no way that we could be right with God on our own.

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Correcting Christian Clichés: God Has Someone Planned for You

I know what it’s like to avoid all wedding boards on Pinterest because they just cause further discontent. I know how you feel, but that doesn’t change the fact that being content is a command in the Bible, not an option. Honestly, life is so much better when you stop focusing on yourself and start focusing on God. We must practice thankfulness to truly praise God and to be joyful. Of course, it hurts. Of course, it’s not easy, but nothing about the Christian life is easy.

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