Author: Ellen Castillo

Moms: When Your Tongue is a Fire

Our words reveal what is in our hearts at the deepest level – in our thoughts, beliefs, and desires. When sin rules in our hearts, it will show outwardly in our behavior and words. Mothering is a rewarding life role, but it can also be exhausting, draining, and difficult at times. In her exhaustion, personal pain, and suffering, a mother might say things to her child that are sinful and damaging.

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Make Room For Others: Relationships Take Effort

What do these phrases have in common: “I am too busy”, “I am not good at it”, “I don’t need others”, “it is too much trouble”? These are all common excuses for living our lives with no room for others. There are many one-another verses in the Bible. This should help us to realize how significant our relationships are as Christians.

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