Author: Jenna Bogard

Surrounded by Thorns

Have you even been walking through the woods or working in the yard only to suddenly feel a cut on your arm or leg? Upon further investigation, you realize that you have just crossed paths with a thornbush. Although small, thorns certainly can inflict pain, causing you to change direction. When the Bible speaks of hedges or thorns, they have a similar purpose.

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Responding to Sexual Demands in Marriage

I have noticed a very disturbing trend among Christians when it comes to the topic of sex in marriage. Christian literature has inundated women with the idea that it is their primary duty to selflessly submit to their husband’s sexual demands without any reservations. I’ve spoken with dear ladies who have a very confusing and heartbreaking sex life with their husbands due to this poor, unbiblical instruction. As a result, a wife’s sexual life is motivated by paralyzing fear that if she refuses in any way, God will be displeased and her husband will commit adultery. The solution currently being presented?

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