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Dealing With the Past

If I gave you the opportunity to give me your life story in 15 minutes, what would you say? When you think about your past, does it bring back warm and fond memories, of a loving and caring childhood gentle and loving a parents and siblings? Or would your story contain memories of a past that was primarily bad? Would your life story revolve around how you have been mistreated in the past; what has been done to you by someone? What was said/done, or not said/done? Maybe you have very few memories of your past, but regardless of what you remember, you have one! Therefore, I believe it is imperative that we understand what God’s Word has to say about properly and biblically handling our past. God gave us our memory – He gave us the ability to retain and store information in our brains. Therefore, He must have a purpose and plan for those memories. All you need to do is pick up the newspaper or turn on the nightly news to see that the issue of dealing with the past is primary in how the world deals with interpersonal problems, marriage and family issues, and behavioral matters such as in a legal trial for assault, or murder, or neglect. Although it is not a popular view, I do not like to excuse poor behavior done as...

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The Weight of Dreams

There is an old Amy Grant song that has been quite meaningful to me over the years. I don’t even know the name of the song, but the lyrics are embedded within today’s post. When the weight of all my dreams are resting heavy on my head,Tonight the weight is heaver than it was a few hours ago. The things that have been placed before me are challenging, yet not new. I have done this before and God has been faithful to surround me with people who fill the deficits I have in all areas. And yet, the weight is heavy because the responsibility is great. I know to mess this up affects more than me; it affects those I serve by His grace. The weight is made of having an understanding of the challenges of unity, the challenges of change, the challenges of cooperation, the challenges of leadership. And the thoughtful words of help and hope have all been nicely said,There is plenty of encouragement to go forward with this plan, compliments that I am the gal for the job, I have the right idea and message to take… But I’m still hurtin’ wondering if I’ll ever be the one I think I am…I think I am…This is dangerous and scary territory for me. There is personal risk because people can be so difficult! It has been said...

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Psalm 42:5

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and Psalm 42:5 We find ourselves at the crossroads of life. Most of our children grown and gone, and one nearing that precious point in time when he too will leave to begin to fulfill his own destiny. I have always believed that you raise children to let them go, so that is not so much causing the disturbance within my soul; it is much more what comes next. We are, or actually I am in the “Sandwich Generation” as I care for my elderly and ailing parents and finish raising my family. God has richly blessed me with all these people to love and minister to however I know that these days are rushing to a close on all accounts. My spirit is disquieted within me as the “then what?” question. It is not as though my ministry opportunities will be gone, as the counseling and discipling of women never ceases, I will have my husband and family to love until we all go to the Lord. There is just a quiet ache today. Perhaps it is because we are preparing to sell the home that we raised all our children in. The only home our youngest has ever known. The old walls...

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Living In Saturday

This is an expression I recently heard at a training conference I was attending. Living in Saturday is in reference to the Saturday after Good Friday and before Resurrection Sunday. It is a place all of us dwell. Many Christians appear to be spending their time on earth treading spiritual water. They are not living totally in the world nor are they practicing holiness. Christian disciplines are lackadaisical and are done halfheartedly. There is little devotion to the imperative of “Be holy as I am holy” (1 Pet.1:16) therefore very little spiritual growth. This Christian lives a rather defeated life frequently looking at the lives of other believers in comparison to their own and evaluating that they come up way short. Does this describe you today? It has from time to time described me. I get so lazy sometimes! The thought seems to be that I can somehow “skate” through my days without Him, as though my continual connection with Him is somehow optional! What a fool that makes me! That is when I live in Saturday. I live as though Jesus is no longer in the picture that He is gone and I am once again living for myself. This leads me to think and then act as though I am no longer a slave to righteousness, that I have been released from my bondage to Him. The...

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Respectable Sins Revelations

What does this say about the power of Christ in me if this is the case? It says that the power of Christ is not sufficient, and that is a lie from the pit of hell. If is not the case, if the power of Christ in me is not enough for me to overcome sins like lying, swearing, gossiping, coveting, impure thoughts, cheating, anger, selfishness, laziness, slandering, immorality, idolatry, and any other sin you can think of then what is?! To say He is not enough, and that His power is not enough makes Christ a fool and a liar! He is either enough, or He isn’t and if you believe (and I believe) He is enough then we ought to start living like it!

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