Author: Linda Rice

How Can You Tend Your Boss to Reap a Good Reward?

Then comes the moment. He spots the plump, red jewel winking at him from under green leaves. He reaches out and picks it. Standing beside the plant, he rubs the tomato on his shirt. Then, he raises it to his mouth and…Yumm! He who tends the garden will enjoy the fruits thereof. As Proverbs 27:18 says, He who tends the fig tree will eat its fruit, And he who cares for his master will be honored.

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Thirsting for Relief?

Thirst is an insatiable craving for a necessity of life. It is demanding; it thrusts itself to the forefront of one’s attention. A person must yield to its demand; it won’t be denied.
Addictions feel like that. Cravings dominate and enslave. Panic, also. Actually, any “felt need” can intensify to dominate us. When we’re baking in the heat of problems or suffering, emotional or physical, our knee-jerk reaction is often pursuit of relief. Water! I must have water! Focus narrows to that one objective and the shortest route to obtain it.

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