BC4Women Anniversary Post

“A blog? Why would I write a blog? Who would care about anything I have to say?” Those were the words I uttered to my friend Jody when she suggested I begin to write on biblical counseling issues for women. She did a fair amount of arm twisting to get me to post my thoughts online, but as I prayed about it and thought about it, I saw the need for women to share the truth with other women on issues that impact us in our daily lives. Once I decided to do it, I determined that I would never be anything but real about the issues, even if it meant exposing sins I struggle with to provide help, healing, and hope to the readers.

After I posted my first article on bc4women, I was shocked to see that someone read it! As the months rolled by, the number of followers grew, and before long the blog was reaching women all over the world. That was 2008.

Ten Years Have Flown By

It is hard to believe that ten years have passed! For years I was the solo blogger, then I began to unite with other like-minded women and post their material on the blog. Presently, I have a great group of women who have come alongside me and faithfully write thought-provoking, helpful, and most importantly biblical content on a wide variety of issues affecting women in the world today. You have come to know Suzanne and her heart for those with any form of disability. Ellen, who loves to work with teens and who has an incredible wealth of wisdom for parents in this area. Linda, who writes robust, theological, and in-depth articles on matters of faith. Additionally, I routinely feature guest bloggers who have important things to contribute to the conversation.

Heartfelt Thank You to Our Readers

None of it would be worthwhile if you all stopped reading, so thank you for making bc4women a part of your daily routine. Thank you for ten years of faithful following of biblical counseling for women. Thank you for your encouragement over the years in the form of emails, and responses to the blogs that have touched your heart or hit a nerve. Thank you for the honor of speaking into your lives on personal topics of marriage, family, parenting, and faith. It is a privilege and I do not take it lightly.
My commitment to you remains to provide you with high-quality material that will impact you at the heart level; to bring heart change that will lead to life change. So, join us in raising a glass as we toast the New Year and as we celebrate ten years of ministry at Biblical Counseling for Women!