Having A Discontented Heart

People I encounter daily are discontented with something so if you are discontent today you are not alone! The worship and passionate pursuit of Christ has become a worship and desperate search for material things. The hearts of many Believers have become focused on acquiring all kinds of stuff! Sadly enough, those hearts are quickly discontented even when they get all the stuff they desire.

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Living in Freedom

I am freed from the shackles of performance-oriented Christianity. In living for Him there is no more fear of man, for since I am behaving in ways that are God-focused all those around me are reaping the harvest of my love for God and my obedience to His Word.

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Hope In Hard Times

As I read and watch the nightly news one thing becomes more and more evident- life is hard. It really does appear that our world is on an ugly trajectory and that the troubles we encounter will only increase as we rocket toward the end of days.

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