Brokenness into Wholeness

What once was whole is now broken into pieces. You may get out the glue and try to put it back together the way it was, but you see the imperfections and some of the pieces don’t fit back like they were. It’s not the same, no matter how hard we try, the item is still broken.

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Grace Glorifies God

Grace is given to us because it glorifies God to do so, not because we are deserving, special, or worthy. Have you ever thought about what a marvelous thing it is that God chooses to bring Himself glory by saving us?

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Asking the Right Questions

If you are a person that others gravitate toward for help and assistance in solving life’s problems you already know that people come with a variety of problems. Contrary to popular thinking, the greatest need of a counselee is not always an answer to their problem! Rather, the greatest need is to learn to interpret their problems from a biblical perspective. We all need consistent reminders that our problems are not unique, but common to man.

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Just Rest

There is nothing you can do that can outdo what has already been done by Christ on the cross. He was the complete, total, and perfect sacrifice for your sin and to think there is anything you can do to add to his substitutionary sacrifice on your behalf is foolish and a slap in the face of the Savior.

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Where Is God In My Pain?

In the midst of our personal tragedies we want to believe that God is absent. I have heard bewildered people look to others with pain-filled eyes and ask how God could have let this happen. They wonder if He left on a break and it was in His absence that their world blew apart. People do not want to believe or think that God is in their hardships.

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We are not a licensed counseling agency, nor are we psychologically or medically trained therapists. We offer ‘pastoral’ counseling intended to bring life change through heart change.