Surrounded by Thorns

Have you even been walking through the woods or working in the yard only to suddenly feel a cut on your arm or leg? Upon further investigation, you realize that you have just crossed paths with a thornbush. Although small, thorns certainly can inflict pain, causing you to change direction. When the Bible speaks of hedges or thorns, they have a similar purpose.

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All Who Are Weary

There are times in each of our lives when we come up against obstacles that threaten to knock us over and flatten us. These times cause us to look up to the heavens and cry out, “Why God, why?”

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Does “in everything” mean literally everything? According to my research, it does indeed mean everything. You might be thinking I just don’t understand your life or your circumstances or I would not be telling you to be giving thanks.

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We are not a licensed counseling agency, nor are we psychologically or medically trained therapists. We offer ‘pastoral’ counseling intended to bring life change through heart change.