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The Cure for Doubt, Discouragement, and Disillusionment

If you have succumbed to doubt and are already experiencing full-blown discouragement, you may need help in the form of another person. The Bible says that iron sharpens iron, and that two are better than one. We all know that we can turn to God at any time and He will help, but sometimes we need “God in a bod.” A person who is indwelt by the Spirit of God can communicate truth to us in ways that our stubborn hearts may not have discerned by merely reading it.

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What Do I Do When She Won’t Listen?

If you determine that she has indeed sinned, show her from God’s Word how she has violated the Scripture. Your words may carry little weight and they cannot cut to the heart as God’s words do (Hebrews 4:12). If she repents you have won your sister. But we know that we are not always able to persuade someone to repent. Sometimes her sin is too important to her; it has become an idol in her life and she may cling to it like a lifesaver. In this case, she may refuse to listen, become angry or unreasonable, and reject what you are saying. If this happens, don’t argue with her or try to persuade her with human arguments or manipulation.

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