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Abortion’s Second Victim

Julie Ganschow, Executive Director or Reigning Grace Counseling Center and Biblical Counseling for Women believes that the pregnant woman involved in the abortion becomes abortion’s second victim. Sometimes she is the victim of her parents’ or boyfriend’s decision, being essentially forced (manipulated, pushed, required, compelled) into the abortion. She is the victim of our culture of death that dehumanizes children in the womb, and the victim of her own foolish and often desperate decision to abort. Is she culpable? Absolutely. Is she also a victim? I believe she becomes one, yes.

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Thirsting for Relief?

Thirst is an insatiable craving for a necessity of life. It is demanding; it thrusts itself to the forefront of one’s attention. A person must yield to its demand; it won’t be denied.
Addictions feel like that. Cravings dominate and enslave. Panic, also. Actually, any “felt need” can intensify to dominate us. When we’re baking in the heat of problems or suffering, emotional or physical, our knee-jerk reaction is often pursuit of relief. Water! I must have water! Focus narrows to that one objective and the shortest route to obtain it.

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