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The Gospel and One-Another Ministry, Part 1

Often women are intimidated about talking about the Gospel. What makes many women so weak in this area? Is it fear? Lack of understanding? Maybe they are not sure they can articulate it clearly. Maybe they are afraid they will say something wrong. Sometimes they are afraid that they won’t be able to back up what they say from Scripture, forgetting where to find the verses.

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When is it Time to Call in the Professionals?

The majority of the people that we see in biblical counseling are also in spiritual trouble to varying degrees. While the Bible does not present a theory of personality, it is clear on God’s viewpoint of man. In addition, the Bible gives us numerous insights regarding how God is intimately involved in the emotional and mental life of His people. Nothing escapes God’s notice–no thought, belief, desire, want, or perceived need. He is the one who restores us to health and wholeness when we are ill in any way. Most often, people who are diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder are soul sick, not brain sick.

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Ongoing Pain in Post-Adultery Reconciliation

A sad aspect of my ministry, at Reigning Grace Counseling Center, is meeting with the spouse wounded by sexual sin; specifically, adultery. I have found God to be very kind in restoring a majority of the marriages that have suffered the severe trauma of adultery. By His grace, the adulterers have repented and returned to their spouses, and the spouses have forgiven and consented to a course of reconciliation. I have seen both husband and wife as the adulterer, but most of my dealings are with women whose husbands have been unfaithful.

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