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Quitting the Blame Game

Temptation is an issue of the heart. We wrongly believe we are too good to sin (which is pride) and so we must blame others for our actions. Our sin begins internally with our thoughts, beliefs, and desires. Sometimes it is provoked by some external stimuli but there is always an opportunity for us to take the way of escape (1 Corinthians 10 – 13) before we sin. These temptations are used by God to make us stronger (James 1:12) when we respond to them properly. Temptations are primarily a spiritual struggle that we experience in the body (Ephesians 6:12; 1 John 2:16).

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True to Self or True to Christ?

Instead of being “herself” Louise repented of sinfully responding to how others treated her. She confessed to the Lord her sinful anger, pride, fear of man, resentfulness, cynicism, and bitterness. In addition to this, understanding that she is to put on what is of Christ, she decided to pursue Him and His purpose for her life. Up until now, she would make choices based on how she believed that others would respond to her. Louise decided to make her decisions first on what honors the Lord and to think and relate to others accordingly.

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Do You Suffer From Fear of Man?

You cannot fear people and love them at the same time. Fearing people is self-focused, while loving them is God focused. We don’t love people because they are lovable. We love people because God loves us, and He calls us to love them. As we enjoy God’s love and acceptance of us, we are able to love and accept others, no matter how we think we compare to them.

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Case Study: Making the Perfect Husband

Jane and Tom’s story is a fictitious case study, but this scenario is played out in Christian homes all over the place. Jane’s goal, however noble, was wrong. When she married Tom she said she had everything she wanted in Tom, but when she thought back to before she married him she realized she intended to change who he was from the very beginning. She set out to create herself the perfect husband, and she had done just that.

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