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Minister One to Another

This week I had the privilege of speaking to a group of students at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on the importance of biblical counseling to the local church. All but one student (who was a female) intends to become a pastor in the future. While I discussed a variety of things about biblical counseling, I had one main message to deliver to those future pastors and church leaders, and it is a message I want you to hear too: Bible Counseling is Discipleship Biblical counseling is the one-to-one ministering of the Word of God to a person in need...

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A Conduit for Christ

And concerning you, my brethren, I myself also am convinced that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able also to admonish one another. Romans 15:14 (NASB) This verse is a staple in my world. I strongly believe that while each of us is gifted differently we are all called upon to strengthen and encourage one another.  For some it means entering into a specific program of training in the process of what is called biblical counseling. We teach the students in our counselor training program that biblical counseling is discipleship.  It is the one-to-one...

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Why “Stop It” Doesn’t Work

We are actively involved in the lives of those entrusted to us. We, like God, promote real and lasting change at the heart level. We teach, rebuke, correct, and train our counselees in righteousness to the glory of God. This counsel is theological and practical. When followed faithfully, change is lasting and hope is created and sustained. This far surpasses the results gained by those well-meaning counselors whose methodology hinges on “Stop it!”

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Waiting List

Imagine that you are feeling desperate.  You feel hopeless and joyless.  You’ve tried lots of things to solve your problem, but nothing is working, and the desperate feeling is getting worse. Then, someone tells you about something that helped them so much that it literally changed their life. They learned things they’d never understood before about God and their problems and were shown ways to apply this knowledge in almost any situation, for the rest of their lives! They can’t praise it enough, and they are urging you to try it. So you agree. You call the phone number,...

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We are not a licensed counseling agency, nor are we psychologically or medically trained therapists. We offer 'pastoral' counseling intended to bring life change through heart change.