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Broken Is Better

God has given you your weakness as a gift, to help you bring glory to His great name and to make you more like His precious Son! Give in to fear, anger, and despair, and you will be bullied, powerless, and hopeless. Once you get there, you are standing at the doorstep of bitterness. Turn from these things, my friend, and be broken.

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What Not To Do When Authority Wounds

Proverbs 18:13 says, “He who gives an answer before he hears, it is folly and shame to him.” (NASB) Often, those defending a woman who has been hurt do not have the full story. They speak out in support of her without knowing the facts of the situation. Unless you can have access to the other party involved, be very careful about coming to conclusions. It is very easy to take up a reproach on behalf of someone you care about or when the cause is important to you for personal reasons.

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From Pride to Humility

If you are struggling with pride, your flesh will fight against these changes. You should be prepared for a sustained battle against “self.” On the surface, the flesh appears to have the advantage. Pride, like other sins, is sneaky; it hides in unsearchable places and has built up impenetrable kingdoms in which to hide. These heart battles need persistence and violent warfare. You must never forget that these are spiritual battles, and you have a mighty advocate—the Lord Jesus Christ—on your side.

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