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How Can We Avoid Bitterness?

Bitterness becomes a personal poison as it eats you up inside. Every woman I have asked about their bitterness of heart has told me they think holding on to those offenses somehow hurts the other person. They don’t see that by remaining bitter they are giving that other person ongoing power in their lives! The people who have hurt you are long gone, or they’ve moved on and they (often) do not care one bit about you or your ongoing pain.

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True to Self or True to Christ?

Instead of being “herself” Louise repented of sinfully responding to how others treated her. She confessed to the Lord her sinful anger, pride, fear of man, resentfulness, cynicism, and bitterness. In addition to this, understanding that she is to put on what is of Christ, she decided to pursue Him and His purpose for her life. Up until now, she would make choices based on how she believed that others would respond to her. Louise decided to make her decisions first on what honors the Lord and to think and relate to others accordingly.

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Book Review: God’s Healing for Life’s Losses

God’s Healing for Life’s Losses is Kelleman’s answer to the question, what do we do when life hurts? When our gains become losses and our joys become sorrows? What does God expect of us in these times, and what provision has he made to help us fulfill His expectations? I first read this book as I was trying to recover from what I now know was a botched knee replacement. I had always been a physically strong person, able to do just about anything I wanted to do. I loved power walking, and had enjoyed it daily for most of my adult life. Whenever there was a need in the neighborhood or church, I was your go-to gal, always ready to help in anyone’s time of need. In the weeks and months following this surgery, I came slowly to the realization that I would never be that person again.

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