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Let’s Be Redemptive Online

What if we made our tone more winsome, less negative, or more redemptive? Rather than simply posting and commenting and tweeting about what we are against, what if we focus instead on using redemptive language? Redemptive language would be gospel-motivated and gospel-rich, bringing the reader’s attention to Christ, and to God’s Word. We have a hope that is far greater than today’s current political, cultural, and moral climate. If we simply state what we are against, without giving a reason for the hope that we have, then isn’t our gospel witness hindered?

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Life Wisdom: Where Do You Find it?

How do we live in a wise way? We live in a wise way through Christ, in whom are the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. He wisely guides us. He speaks to us through the pages of scripture. He can speak to us while we are gathered with other believers, while we pray and through the advice of others. He is the living source of all wisdom.

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Just Loving Jesus

These words reminded me how helpless I was, how desperate, yet unable to rescue myself. So, He came to me. He chose me, drew me to Himself, and saved me. Why? So I could walk around weary and burdened by sin? No! He saved me so that I might comfort others with the comfort I have received. The divinely inspired coincidence of this song playing just as I pulled out of the driveway, provided that very comfort that I want to pass on to you today. I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on the Lord’s work in your life and to reignite that simple joy of just loving Jesus!

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