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Are You Waiting in Hope?

What are you waiting for this Christmas season, dear reader? What is the deepest desire of your heart as you wait for the coming King? Is it God’s glory? If so, you can be sure that your desire will be fulfilled. Christ has come to earth to offer salvation for your prodigal, healing for your broken heart, and comfort in your troubles.

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Happy New Year!

I am so glad that the holidays are over!  Don’t get me wrong—of course I am joyful over the birth of my Savior—but at least in this culture, that really doesn’t have much to do with Christmas. Christmas here in the U.S. is more...

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Merry CHRISTmas

Merry Christmas! Christianity is under persecution around the world, and for many, the only access they have to the Bible is through the internet. My annual Christmas tradition is to post the Christmas story, compiled from the 4...

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Emmanuel Came to Me

I am surrounded by all the business of Christmas. My tree is lit, the lights are in the windows, the cookies and candy are ready, the gifts are under the beautiful tree. All day long people have been asking, “Well, are you...

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