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Pay Attention!

This is a problem, my first-world friends! Spiritual growth and a deepening relationship with the Lord require a time commitment that is simply not compatible with the attention span of a goldfish, and I don’t believe the admonition of Joshua 1:8 has lost its truth in the present age. Pay Attention!

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When Strong Women Become Weak

These dear women confess to struggling with their strength at times. The plain truth is, strong women sometimes struggle with being strong. It seems they do too good of a job at it and therefore it is hard for those around them to understand or even accept that they are in need of comfort, tenderness, gentleness, and protection. They have always been the ones who keep on keeping on in the face of sickness, sorrow, fear, and personal tragedy. Their responsibilities are fulfilled, shopping is done, dinner is on the table and there are clean socks and underwear every day in spite of what internal or external upheaval is taking place.

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Five Steps Toward Becoming a Better Listener

Someone once said that we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. Most of us have not put this into practice. Though we know that we need to be good listeners, when the moment arrives that we believe we absolutely must be heard; or our point must be made; or we are right and they’re wrong, we forget all about the listening and just try to outshout the other person. As you probably know, this will never lead to good communication or good relationships. Learn from certified biblical counselor, Suzanne Holland, five steps toward being a better listener.

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Three Questions for Self-Examination

It can be very frustrating when a sister in Christ is heading down what you see as a wrong road in her life. Perhaps you are older than she, and you consider yourself wiser. Maybe you’ve even followed through with a choice she is considering, and you know the potential pain and heartache it can bring. As you watch her plow ahead into certain disaster (in your view), you pray for her, but in your heart you are worried and if you’re honest, you’re even a little angry with her for not taking your advice. Here are three questions for self-examination.

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