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Abortion’s Second Victim

Julie Ganschow, Executive Director or Reigning Grace Counseling Center and Biblical Counseling for Women believes that the pregnant woman involved in the abortion becomes abortion’s second victim. Sometimes she is the victim of her parents’ or boyfriend’s decision, being essentially forced (manipulated, pushed, required, compelled) into the abortion. She is the victim of our culture of death that dehumanizes children in the womb, and the victim of her own foolish and often desperate decision to abort. Is she culpable? Absolutely. Is she also a victim? I believe she becomes one, yes.

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Parents, Teens, and Sex

The dangers of teen sexual activity remains an epidemic that is ignored, and it is literally killing our kids. There are significant dangers that our teen boys and girls are exposing themselves to even with so-called “safe sex” practices. It is a fact that when kids engage in sexual activity they expose themselves to physical harm.

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Find Joy in Christ Alone

A person who struggles with depression struggles to find joy in life. It is as though life is seen through gray fog. Even events intended to be celebratory barely register happiness with them. One of the most important things for a person living with feelings of sorrow to remember is that joy doesn’t come from our circumstances. Our greatest joy is found in Christ alone. This is the secret to happiness in life. Jesus wanted to help the disciples understand this before he went to the cross, and like everything else in the Bible, it is meant to encourage us too.

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Seeing Depression Through the Eyes of Grace

I’ve recently completed my newest book, Seeing Depression Through the Eyes of Grace. It’s rewrite of something I wrote many years ago that came from my own experience with depression. There have been two distinct times in my life when I fell into depression. The first time, I knew I was more downcast than I had ever been before. The second time, I didn’t realize I was “depressed” until almost a year had gone by.

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