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Important Thoughts on Growing and Changing

Discipline is an important aspect of growing and changing (sanctification), and we must be willing to submit ourselves to teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness (2 Tim. 3:16-17). The counselee learns how to grow and change through the preaching of the Word, and through the discipline of consistently reading the Bible, studying the Scriptures, and committing them to memory (1 Corinthians 9:24-26). These are worthwhile investments of time, for they will reap a bountiful harvest of righteousness.

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The Cure for Doubt, Discouragement, and Disillusionment

If you have succumbed to doubt and are already experiencing full-blown discouragement, you may need help in the form of another person. The Bible says that iron sharpens iron, and that two are better than one. We all know that we can turn to God at any time and He will help, but sometimes we need “God in a bod.” A person who is indwelt by the Spirit of God can communicate truth to us in ways that our stubborn hearts may not have discerned by merely reading it.

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Why “Stop It” Doesn’t Work

We are actively involved in the lives of those entrusted to us. We, like God, promote real and lasting change at the heart level. We teach, rebuke, correct, and train our counselees in righteousness to the glory of God. This counsel is theological and practical. When followed faithfully, change is lasting and hope is created and sustained. This far surpasses the results gained by those well-meaning counselors whose methodology hinges on “Stop it!”

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We are not a licensed counseling agency, nor are we psychologically or medically trained therapists. We offer 'pastoral' counseling intended to bring life change through heart change.