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Hearts of Discontent

Why is it that we are not a content people? Why do our hearts continue to long after things that are so meaningless? I think it is because many of us have hard lives. I was listening to a sermon by John MacArthur one day, and he said that most Christians are poor and that it is by God’s design. Jesus said that we will have many troubles in this world, and our lives bear that out don’t they? How do we become or remain content in a world that is calling us to have more, do more, be more every waking minute? And in a world that tells us that what we have and who we are is somehow inferior? How can we have contented hearts?

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Dwelling in Kadesh

How many times has the Lord shown Himself faithful to us? Has He sustained our lives to this day? Has He chosen us before the foundation of the world, saved us, and continued to make us more like His precious son? Then He has indeed been faithful. In light of this truth, why do we still desire to dwell in Kadesh? Why won’t we go “all in” to that promised life, surrendering ourselves to His will, and letting go of our own selfish desires?

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When Not to be Content

Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am. Philippians 4:11 (NASB) This past week I had the privilege of speaking to a group of women on the topic of contentment. I had some additional thoughts on that subject that I didn’t go into during the speaking venue. In light of some of the well-meaning but dangerously wrong counsel I have heard given to women over the years, I thought I would bring out something important pertaining to this verse. I am often asked questions like what to do when my...

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Rejoice in the Lord- God’s Desire for Us

Today’s guest blogger is Linda Rice. Linda counsels at Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center. M.A. in Biblical Counseling. Certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.  You can read more of Linda’s writing here. Today’s blog is reposted with permission.      In the book, Pollyanna, Mrs. Snow snowed almost everybody. She was always “very poorly” and complained constantly. If someone gave her lamb broth, she wanted chicken, if chicken she wanted calf’s foot jelly, if jelly she wanted lamb broth. Her ingratitude frosted the warm kindness of others. She had no joy. Nor did her cold, dour attitude glorify...

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