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How to Help a Suffering Sinner

Sometimes, it is hard for us as their friends to confront them in their sin and hold them accountable, because their suffering is so raw and unending. Are we doing them a favor when we overlook their sin and make excuses for them? Maybe for a time this might be appropriate, as they each adjust to the difficulty or trial. But if this sin becomes a pattern, as it has with the examples above, then we as their Christian brothers and sisters must help them to repent and change.

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Going Forth in Fear

Fear is a universal emotion. Everyone, at one time or another, experiences fear. In some, fear produces anxiety or even panic, but fear can also be useful at times. It’s what causes us to drive carefully, and keeps us from walking too close to the edge of a mountain trail. No one likes to be afraid, but there is something to be said for a healthy fear of danger.

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