Category: Encouragement

An Unsubmissive Heart

I was talking to my good friend the other morning. She’s struggling with something God has allowed into her life and was in a moment of exceptional pain because of it. She was telling me how she is failing to submit to God’s will in her suffering; that in her battling in her flesh she is not glorifying God. As I listened to her tell me her story through tears, I found myself pondering if this really means she has an unsubmissive heart.

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Attacks on Belgium

Today Belgium saw the face of evil. At the time of writing this blog, about thirty innocent people had been reported slaughtered during terrorist attacks on the city of Brussels. Dozens more are injured. Bewilderment, shock, horror, uncertainty, fear, and confusion abound. People experience relief because of their loved ones who are safe. There have been demonstrations of human kindness, bravery and solidarity, all of which stand in stark contrast to the horror of the day.

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