Category: Faith

We Are His Workmanship

When voices of the world or the one that loops in our own minds; when we sin or are sinned against; when our circumstances shift or we when face a crisis – our self-perception, even as Christ followers, can be fragmented or incomplete.

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Oh The Wonderful Cross

What is the cross to you? When you see it in your church or in your minds eye what do you see? As a child in my former religion, the cross always had a “Jesus” hanging on it looking tortured and grim. When I became a Christian I learned that Protestant churches typically don’t have a “Jesus” hanging on the cross because we believe that He rose again and that is our focus.

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Living in Freedom

I am freed from the shackles of performance-oriented Christianity. In living for Him there is no more fear of man, for since I am behaving in ways that are God-focused all those around me are reaping the harvest of my love for God and my obedience to His Word.

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