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Where Do You Find Your Identity? Part 2

If life has changed dramatically for you, never to be the same again, you are probably reeling, uncertain what to do or where to go from here. You know that you were created to bring glory to God, but you don’t see how you can do that in your present condition. The truth is, my dear sister, you can bring glory to God in any condition He sovereignly ordains for you, no matter how unwelcome it may be in your view. This truth will never change. Your identity hasn’t changed, either. You may feel incomplete as you are now, but God says you are complete in Him.

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Fighting the Inner Demons

Our responsibility in this relationship is to avail ourselves of the resources God has provided by reading the Scriptures, confessing our sins, praying for his help, and trusting in his faithfulness. These are the means by which we can fight against our inner demons. When we put into use the tools God has given us we can expect God to come to our aid as we fight against the flesh.

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A Call to Love, Care, and Help

Love, Care, Help I recently attended the annual conference of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). This was my first time at an ACBC conference so I was pretty excited to go, and I was not disappointed. I learned so much there, and left feeling recharged for ministry. Not that I had arrived with a completely empty tank, but I must confess I’d grown somewhat weary in my role as counselor, having dealt with some very tough cases. Sin is so stubborn. I want to share with you today the most valuable things I took away from the...

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