Category: Faith

Fighting the Inner Demons

Our responsibility in this relationship is to avail ourselves of the resources God has provided by reading the Scriptures, confessing our sins, praying for his help, and trusting in his faithfulness. These are the means by which we can fight against our inner demons. When we put into use the tools God has given us we can expect God to come to our aid as we fight against the flesh.

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The “D” Words: Doubt, Discouragement, Disillusionment

There are three “D” words that seem to plague everyone I know who does any form of Christian ministry, at some point in their life of service: Doubt, Discouragement, and Disillusionment. You will rarely find one of these conditions that has not been at least preceded by another, if not accompanied by all the rest. These things seem to go hand in hand, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell which came first.

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