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Do You Suffer From Fear of Man?

You cannot fear people and love them at the same time. Fearing people is self-focused, while loving them is God focused. We don’t love people because they are lovable. We love people because God loves us, and He calls us to love them. As we enjoy God’s love and acceptance of us, we are able to love and accept others, no matter how we think we compare to them.

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Going Forth in Fear

Fear is a universal emotion. Everyone, at one time or another, experiences fear. In some, fear produces anxiety or even panic, but fear can also be useful at times. It’s what causes us to drive carefully, and keeps us from walking too close to the edge of a mountain trail. No one likes to be afraid, but there is something to be said for a healthy fear of danger.

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Attacks on Belgium

Today Belgium saw the face of evil. At the time of writing this blog, about thirty innocent people had been reported slaughtered during terrorist attacks on the city of Brussels. Dozens more are injured. Bewilderment, shock, horror, uncertainty, fear, and confusion abound. People experience relief because of their loved ones who are safe. There have been demonstrations of human kindness, bravery and solidarity, all of which stand in stark contrast to the horror of the day.

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Three Questions for Self-Examination

It can be very frustrating when a sister in Christ is heading down what you see as a wrong road in her life. Perhaps you are older than she, and you consider yourself wiser. Maybe you’ve even followed through with a choice she is considering, and you know the potential pain and heartache it can bring. As you watch her plow ahead into certain disaster (in your view), you pray for her, but in your heart you are worried and if you’re honest, you’re even a little angry with her for not taking your advice. Here are three questions for self-examination.

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Swindled Life, purpose, and joy described the last three years of Marie’s new life in Christ. Four years ago she was reunited with her old school friend Christine, who had explained to her how the Lord had died for her sin,...

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