Category: Forgiveness

How Can We Avoid Bitterness?

Bitterness becomes a personal poison as it eats you up inside. Every woman I have asked about their bitterness of heart has told me they think holding on to those offenses somehow hurts the other person. They don’t see that by remaining bitter they are giving that other person ongoing power in their lives! The people who have hurt you are long gone, or they’ve moved on and they (often) do not care one bit about you or your ongoing pain.

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Ongoing Pain in Post-Adultery Reconciliation

A sad aspect of my ministry, at Reigning Grace Counseling Center, is meeting with the spouse wounded by sexual sin; specifically, adultery. I have found God to be very kind in restoring a majority of the marriages that have suffered the severe trauma of adultery. By His grace, the adulterers have repented and returned to their spouses, and the spouses have forgiven and consented to a course of reconciliation. I have seen both husband and wife as the adulterer, but most of my dealings are with women whose husbands have been unfaithful.

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