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Tipping the Scales

I still crave too much of all the “wrong” foods. I’ve grown out of and back into my clothes more times than I can count. I am not a good exerciser anymore because I have a damaged ankle and knee. I like walking outside, but only under the perfect conditions. I don’t like to sweat, and I don’t like to smell. You can see how this could lead to tipping the scales at a weight that is uncomfortable and unhealthy.
Balance is important here! We don’t want to be slaves to our bodies or a diet and yet, we cannot neglect this physical temple if we are to have the energy and ability to do the work the Lord has for us to do.

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Hearts of Discontent

Why is it that we are not a content people? Why do our hearts continue to long after things that are so meaningless? I think it is because many of us have hard lives. I was listening to a sermon by John MacArthur one day, and he said that most Christians are poor and that it is by God’s design. Jesus said that we will have many troubles in this world, and our lives bear that out don’t they? How do we become or remain content in a world that is calling us to have more, do more, be more every waking minute? And in a world that tells us that what we have and who we are is somehow inferior? How can we have contented hearts?

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Dealing with Yourself

We are to be continually in the process of self-examination, determining if our daily lives reflect Christ when held up to His Word (Psalm 26:2; 2 Corinthians. 13:5). As we face what God is revealing to us in this process, we can determine to change the things we can change by God’s grace and with His help. The things we cannot change, we need His grace to accept.

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