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Where is Your Hope?

What I want to talk about today has nothing to do with our laws, lawmakers or even the freedoms that we as believers are fast losing in this great country of ours. In fact, we’re going to spend some time today thinking about the opposite of the fear and despair this world throws into our faces every day. We’re going to talk about hope.

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Lessons from the Frozen Tundra

So many of the marriages that arrive in our office could be described as a cold and harsh environment, similar to what we encountered on the tops of the mountains we visited. The people in those marriages are locked in destructive, habitual patterns of sin toward each other. Their relationship is seemingly void of kindness or tenderness of any kind. On the occasion when one spouse attempts to change this dynamic, their efforts are met with a frozen, hard heart that is not only resistant but often hostile in response.

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The “D” Words: Doubt, Discouragement, Disillusionment

There are three “D” words that seem to plague everyone I know who does any form of Christian ministry, at some point in their life of service: Doubt, Discouragement, and Disillusionment. You will rarely find one of these conditions that has not been at least preceded by another, if not accompanied by all the rest. These things seem to go hand in hand, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell which came first.

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Find Joy in Christ Alone

A person who struggles with depression struggles to find joy in life. It is as though life is seen through gray fog. Even events intended to be celebratory barely register happiness with them. One of the most important things for a person living with feelings of sorrow to remember is that joy doesn’t come from our circumstances. Our greatest joy is found in Christ alone. This is the secret to happiness in life. Jesus wanted to help the disciples understand this before he went to the cross, and like everything else in the Bible, it is meant to encourage us too.

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