Category: Idolatry

Tipping the Scales

I still crave too much of all the “wrong” foods. I’ve grown out of and back into my clothes more times than I can count. I am not a good exerciser anymore because I have a damaged ankle and knee. I like walking outside, but only under the perfect conditions. I don’t like to sweat, and I don’t like to smell. You can see how this could lead to tipping the scales at a weight that is uncomfortable and unhealthy.
Balance is important here! We don’t want to be slaves to our bodies or a diet and yet, we cannot neglect this physical temple if we are to have the energy and ability to do the work the Lord has for us to do.

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Julie Ganschow: Testimony

I live each and every day with the knowledge that I found mercy for the sake of others. I found mercy for your sake dear reader. Not that I have an exaggerated sense of self-importance- any old pot will do! I am just very aware of the ministry God has placed in my life and the love He has placed in my heart to fulfill my calling to His women. My trials have been for your sake. My hurt and pain and experiences have been for your benefit. I am amazed at the ways He uses my life and testimony to bring glory to Himself and to benefit others.

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